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Classes of 1967-1970 Reunion
Friday, October 19, 2007 - Homecoming Game @ Fullerton Stadium
Saturday, October 20, 2007 - Dinner/Dance at Anaheim Hilton Towers

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There was an informal get-together in Mesquite on September 9-10, 2005. 
Here's who was there:  Terry Nicomede, Frank Prelc, Kim (Sanders) Lawson-Vreeland, Dean Babcock, Bud Bosley, Bobbie (Zornes) Bosley, Jerry Prelc, Suzy (Rapson) Karlinski, Chuck Babcock, Sarah (Babcock) Grill, Bob Grill, George Rapson, Shari Regnier, Sherry & Bob Oldendorf, Dave & Judy Hendrickson, and Glenn and Donna Steinle.              
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May 14 & 15th, 2004 at the CasaBlanca Resort, Casino, Golf & Spa,  
Mesquite, Nevada, just 80 miles north of Las Vegas. 

    As the General Manager of CasaBlanca Resort, our classmate, George Rapson, was able to give us an awesome package including:  two nights resort lodging, a poolside Friday evening welcome reception with buffet and music, and a first class Saturday night banquet with dancing.
    From the moment of check-in, we were given V.I.P. treatment.  We each received a cowboy hat full of goodies upon arrival, and the entire staff knew we were there for "George's Reunion."
    For many, the weekend started Thursday evening at our hospitality suite, located in one of CasaBlanca's resort bungalows.  From that moment on, the party never stopped.  The first planned get together was a poolside dinner Friday evening.  Following, the majority of us went to see the Tribute to the Blues Brothers. What a fun and entertaining show!
    Daytime Saturday, everyone did their own thing:  played golf, gambled, or enjoyed the fun out by the pool.  For our pleasure, and all at a  discount, was access to CasaBlanca's world class coed spa facility and beautiful Cal Olsen designed championship golf course.  That evening we had the most excellent party in 35 years!!!  Tons of food, tons of fun, tons of good friends; and let us not forget, the Laker game.  We danced, mingled, and then took the party out to the pool and jacuzzi where we mingled some more, then back over to the hospitality room or casino bar, where we mingled until we were about to drop.

 Click here to view photos of the reunion

       People in attendance at the 2005 reunion: John Kaiser, Frank Prelc, Jerry Prelc, Larry & Ruth Palmer, Donna Packard & Dave Dwulit, Bob & Sarah (Babcock) Grill, Fred & Belinda Hovenier, Suzy Rapson Karlinski & son, Ted Karlinski, Bob & Sherry Oldendorf, Z & Jane (Lemmon) Marshall, Steve & Cheryl (Sowell) Clodfelter, Suzie (Tovaas) & Ken Maltby, Glenn & Donna Steinle, Nancy (Lutz) Troast, Rick Green, Aldy (Candelaria) & Tom Moll, Rich Sanchez & Marcia (Logan) Sanchez, Robyn (Wright) & Mike Kuester, Alan & Ann Parsons, Fred McCown, Bobbie (Zornes) & Bud Bosley, Sandy (Hopkins) Bustin, Frances (Boswell) Devore, Mike & Debra (Party Girl) McConnell, Dean Babcock, Anita (Niles) & Bruce Seehausen, Dan Dabelstein & Leah Young, Karin (Kavoian) & John James, Tom Babcock, Chuck Babcock, Ken Cleveland, Rikki (Rattiner) Helmsin, Cherylan Hils, Robin Duncan-Espinoza, Sheila Hard, Jan (Kaiser) Hawking, Bill Miller, Pam (Barlow) & Jerry Locke, Rick & Barbara (Luckett) Kempton, Mike Luckett, Lynn (Bollinger) Taylor, Colleen Townsend-Thomas, Devon (Neisess) & Larry York, Terry & Debbie Nicomede, Ken Gack, Sherrie (McDonald) Hofstatter, (Kimberly (Sanders) Lawson-Vreeland, and Debby (Shaver) Mariano and of course George Rapson.

What a weekend!  It was so great to see everyone!


1999 Troy High Reunion Picnic

     An informal reunion picnic was held at Yorba Regional Park in Yorba Linda, September 11, 1999.  In attendance were 43 alumni, and some spouses and families.  Click below to see photos from that picnic.                

   Photo Pages:   1  2  3  4  5  6  7

On September 1, 2001, there was a 50th birthday party at Tom Schy's home!  Click on the picture to see it enlarged.

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Troy Class of 1970 had a reunion on October 21, 2000...  for more info and pictures see the web site below.

Class of 1971 Reunion Info:
Contact:  Bobbie (Zornes) Bosley

Memories of 1969:  Page 1   2   3   4   5   6  7  8  9 10
Our class became a part of a history lesson for a high school girl named Marcela.   Here are some memories that have been sent in for Marcela's report.  Now we really feel old!

Listen to Jim McNelly's 1969 graduation speech (12 min.)!  Click here: 

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